Building Organizational Resilience Is a Strategic Imperative
Gartner® Research Report

Since the onset of COVID, companies are facing increased risks that are disrupting their businesses. According to a recent research report by Gartner, “COVID-19 changed that view. The World Economic Forum surveyed 347 risk analysts to analyze how the COVID-19 pandemic will contribute to a fallout given its impending threats. The outcomes are disheartening, with economic risk becoming the front and center, and environmental risk not in the mix.” ¹

In order to combat these disruptions, companies must adapt. Download the complimentary Gartner report [Building Organizational Resilience Is a Strategic Imperative] and uncover what organizational resilience is and what your organization can do to survive and thrive throughout times of continuous disruption.

¹ Source: Gartner, Building Organizational Resilience Is a Strategic Imperative Roberta Witty, 21 August 2020

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